Business Development Senior Associate

Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Summary

To accommodate the rapidly growing computer industry, we are expanding our Business Development team with a Senior Associate position. We need someone with a passion for change and improvement. Someone with a mighty stage presence and perhaps a sense of humor. A person with so many ideas that you constantly surprise yourself. Of course, we already have a great team but we need your help to reach new heights. The base salary range for the position is $6000 - $8000/month with monthly bonuses. 


What describes you?

  • You are result-oriented and every decision made is based on value.

  • You do what it takes to meet your commitments, and others can depend on you.

  • You have a high internal standard that you are proud of.

  • Technology is your passion and you have a broad vision of the computer industry.

  • You love presenting in front of people and showing everything that you know.

  • You have a passion for creating and writing content.

  • You love working with people but can work as a lone wolf.

  • And you have the ability to “stay as cool as a cucumber” under pressure.

If so, we’d love to help you take your career to the next level.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Include but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate with company executives and marketing professionals to review current market trends in order to propose new business ideas that can improve revenue and identify unexplored opportunities.

  • Develop, lead, and implement marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Respond to RFPs and vendor requests, and expand our company’s sales territory.

  • Negotiate contract terms and communicate with all stakeholders.

  • Work with and deepen manufacturer, distributor, supplier relationships.

  • Represent the company at trade shows, conferences, and networking events. Identify, research, and connect with potential clients. Maintain new business channels and ventures.

  • Create and present material and presentations to C-level Executives and external partners.

  • Proactively analyze, make recommendations, and solve issues.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Business, Sales, Marketing, and/or related fields.

  • 4-6 years experience working in a business-related department, an e-Commerce company, and/or in the marketing and sales field. A mix of post-graduate and experience would be considered.

  • The ability to work with cross-functional and diverse groups is required.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required.

  • Clear and decisive communication style and ability to adapt to meet client’s needs are needed. 

  • Have a strong aptitude for closing deals and plans.

  • The ability to multitask and prioritize is a must.

  • Ability to work effectively and calmly in a fast-paced environment is required.

  • Strong customer service, computer proficiency, and attention to detail are preferred.

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office or Google Workplace is required.

  • 0-5% Travel may be required.

  • Proficiency and fluency in English is required.

  • Fluency in Mandarin Chinese is optional but could be helpful. 

  • We are open to accepting candidates with OPT. We are open to considering H-1B sponsorship.

  • There’s a 3-month probationary period.

  • We offer comprehensive medical insurance options (including vision and dental plans), paid time off, paid holidays, and relocation bonus for new hires who need to move from other states.