Technical Support Analyst

Newark, Delaware, United States

Job Summary

Are you interested in troubleshooting computer issues and providing excellent care to our customers/clients? As a Tech Support Analyst at PCOnline, you will join our growing team responsible for providing customer support, examining computer systems,  supporting customer returns, and research, learning, and communication. The base salary is $3800-4500/month with a monthly bonus ranging from 0~10%.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Include but are not limited to:

Provide Customer Support

  • Analyze and troubleshoot computer issues for customers and internal teams

  • Compose and present the appropriate action plans to address the complaints via calls and emails

  • Investigate sophisticated issues with strong ability to stay persistent and positive and engage in teamwork

  • Present challenging cases to the leadership team for decision-making and timely resolution if applicable

Examining Computer Systems

  • Disassemble new computer products and performing diagnostic assessments

  • Conduct feasibility test of new upgrades and evaluate their performance

  • Perform hardware compatibility check 

  • Make operation system installation media for new products

Supporting Customer Returns

  • Examine all returned products and detect and resolve any issues

  • Analyze and report common cases that cause customers to return

  • Contact manufacturers for warranty and returns

Research, Learning and Communication

  • Proactively learn about updates and common issues for computers to expand Common Technical Issue and Solutions manual

  • Follow up on special cases that require analysis and classification to determine the appropriate solutions for customers

  • Actively research and diligently follow company training and policies and procedures while keep knowledge up to date

  • Interface with cross-functional teams to propose effective solutions

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree is required, and majors in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Management of Information Systems are highly preferred.

  • Experience with analyzing computer issues and providing technical support is preferred.

  • Abilities of patience, persistence, curiosity, learning, multitasking, communication, and critical thinking are preferred.

  • Experience with tools, including HWMonitor, 3DMark, UserBenchmark, Cinebench, Geekbench, MSI Afterburner is preferred.

  • We offer comprehensive medical insurance options (including vision and dental plans), paid time offs, paid holidays, and relocation bonus for new hires who need to move from other states.

  • We are open to provide support for the selected talent to pursue various certifications. 

  • There is a three-month probationary period.

  • We are open to accepting candidates with OPT/CPT. We are open to considering H-1B sponsorship.